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Technical Questions

Q: Who made this website?
A: The webmaster is Ryan Richter. The website was created for a project for his IIS class.

Q: Where can I download Kaizo Mario?
A: Look at the downloads page

Q: But the download didn't work!
A: Try a mirror. Or you can google search for Kaizo Mario Download.

Q: I downloaded the file, now what?
A: Follow the directions on the downloads page

Q: What? I did download the file! What do I do?
A: You need to extract the file you downloaded first, silly! Right click on the downloaded file. There will be an option to "Extract File". Do that.

Q: Why do I need to download an SNES emulator to play Kaizo Mario
A: You can think of Kaizo Mario as it's own SNES game. It could be put on an SNES cartridge.
The SNES is a computer just like what you're using to visit this website; however, you can just give your computer a copy of Kaizo Mario and expect it to play. Your computer needs instructions to know what to do with the game. That's why you need an SNES emulator.

Questions about Kaizo Mario

Q: Who made Kaizo Mario?
A: Kaizo Mario was created by T. Takemoto, a Japanese Rom hacker

Q: Why does this game exist?
A: Kaizo Mario was created to challenge a friend of T. Takemoto, R. Kiba. You can view that playthough here

Q: What the fu--?
A: *snickers*

Q: No really, What the fu--?
A: It's hard isn't it?

Q: I can't play the game! Bullets kill me instantly!
A: There's multiple ways to get past the first challenge. Look at the walkthrough of the first level.

Q: Why is this game so hard?
A: It was made as a challenge for a friend. It's suppose to be difficult.

Q: It's just a difficult rom hack to make up for bad level design
A: First, that's not a question.
Second, I don't think may people would agree with that. Kaizo Mario is difficult, yes; however, it's brillant it's design. Kaizo Mario shines above other difficult Mario rom hacks because it's designed to focus more on the player's skill and knowledge of Super Mario World than the player's ability to exploit any bugs or glitches in the game. The only cheap deaths come from invisible coin blocks; every other death can be reasonably avoided with enough skill (and savestate abuse.)
If the game is too hard for you to play I recommend playing through the original Super Mario World first.

Q: Is there an English version of Kaizo Mario?
A: No. However, you don't need to know any Japanese to play Kaizo Mario. The goal in each level is, "Get to the goal line at the end of the level."

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