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This walkthrough will guide you through how to complete Kaizo Mario. This guide does not prepare you for the hell you will face known as Kaizo Mario; instead, it merely shows you what will kill you before it actually kills you.



Difficulty Warning

This signifies a significantly difficult portion of a level.

Invisible Coin Block

This will warn you about invisible coin blocks.

Kaizo Trap

This will warn you about Kaizo Traps and Fake Kaizo Traps.

Chomper/one-hit-kill abuse

This will warn you about Chomper Abuse, or an abuse of one-hit-kill blocks.

Info Block

This will tell you what an infoblock says.



Welcome to Kaizo Mario World

As you begin you will see the same intro as you would see in Super Mario World. If you want, you can play with two players, but the amount of pain per person will not change.

The intro screen will pretend to kill you by sending a Thowmp at Mario. At the last moment, a text-box will appear and save Mario's life.

"Oh no, that woman again?!"

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